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Government Of Assam Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship Assam Skill Development Mission

Functions and Objectives

Functions of ASDM:


  I.            Setting up of Annual as well as long-term skilling, targets for the State.

 II.                Identifying priority sectors for skilling based on forecasting of future Industrial growth and demand.

III.            Integrating the Skill Development effort in the State with the National Skills Qualification Framework.

IV.            Vetting of all skill training programmes of Govt. Departments as to its efficacy, usefulness, employability, economic viability etc.

V.              Assessment, certification, development of course curriculum of accredited skill training providers of the State.

VI.           Formulation of integrated Skill Development policy for the State on short terms and long term skill plans of the State.

VII.         Registration and accreditation of all skill training providers in the State.

VIII.       Facilitating the creation of additional training capacity in the State.

IX.           Setting up monitoring and tracking systems to assess the success of existing skill development programmes in the State. A common data-base    of all candidates, employers, potential trainees and details of inspection reports and other training institutions shall he set up by the mission  through a comprehensive IT portal.

X.            To coordinate activities with other National & Regional Mission for over all holistic development.

XI.       To accept grants of money, securities of property and to undertake and accept management of any endowment consistent with the objectives of the Assam Skill Development Mission.

XII.     To provide guidance and support for efficient planning and implementation, monitoring, evaluation of professional, technical, vocational education  and skill development and up gradation in the State of Assam.

XIII.      To prepare annual reports, monthly, quarterly and annual account of the Assam Skill Development Mission.

XIV.    To purchase, hire, take on lease, exchange or otherwise acquire property, both movable and immovable, in pursuance of the objectives of the      ASDM.

XV.        To develop a state of the art planning, monitoring and evaluation system based on the latest innovations and technology.

XVI.      To promote and facilitate public-private partnerships in the accomplishment of its objects.

XVII.  To promote and undertake analytical work to continuously improve the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of      professional, technical, vocational education and skill development in the State of Assam.

XVIII. To create duly empowered administrative mechanisms, through such participation as may be deemed necessary, for the achievement of    the objects of the Society.

XIX.  To establish for the implementation of the schemes/programmes, task forces and other appropriate mechanisms at the State, Divisional, District, Block, Panchayat and village levels, as the case may be, and to delegate necessary powers to enable them to discharge their responsibilities.

XX.    To secure active involvement and participation of academic and research institutions, training institutes and other institutes working for the professional, technical, vocational education and skill development and to provide technical assistance to them for performing tasks entrusted by it for the achievement of the objects the Mission.

XXI.  To secure constructive and participatory involvement of different stakeholders for the achievement of the Missions objects and for this purpose to establish, formal as well as informal structures.

XXII. To obtain technical resources support by networking with the existing national and State level academic, training and research  institutions, or through establishment of new ones.

XXIII.   To advise the State Government in formulation, execution, monitoring and evaluation of suitable measures for professional, technical,   vocational education and skill development.

XXIV.     To organize conferences, symposia, workshops etc. for accomplishment of its objects.

XXV.      To create and hire academic, technical, administrative, managerial and other posts in the Mission and to make payments for the same   in accordance with the State Government's Rules and Regulations.

XXVI.    To make Rules and Regulations for conduct of the affairs of the Society and add or amend, vary or rescind them from time to time.

XXVII. To incur expenditure after drawing up a budget and in accordance with the Financial Rules of the Mission with due regard for economy     and probity.

XXVIII. To maintain proper accounts of income and expenditure, arrange for internal and statutory audit of the accounts in time and prepare              annual reports and accounts of the Mission.


XXIX.     To take all such other actions as may deem necessary or incidental or ancillary or conducive to the achievement of the objects of the        Mission.